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How To Get A Frost Dragon In Adopt Me 2022

The Frost Dragon is a Legendary pet that is one of Adopt Me’s rarest pets. It was only accessible for a brief time with the December 2019 Christmas update. The Frost Dragon was no longer available for purchase after January 2020.

Even though the 2019 Christmas Event is gone, Frost Dragons can still be obtained in Adopt Me. Pets, especially the rarest ones, can be traded for. Continue reading to learn more about how to trade for this limited-edition beast.

How To Get A Frost Dragon In Adopt Me?

We’ll also include the original way of obtaining the Frost Dragon in the 2019 Christmas Event for posterity. A Gamepass pet is the Frost Dragon.At order to buy one, gamers had to spend 1,000 Robux in the event store.

There were no specific tasks or quests to do in to get a Frost Dragon. All you had to do was spend the 1,000 Robux you had saved or purchased with real money. Therefore, you’ll have to trade for it to get your hands on one after January 2020.

Because the Frost Dragon is so hard to come by, you’ll have to make a deal for it with something of equal or more worth. This usually entails giving up some of your most valuable pets.

You might provide the following pets:

  • Golden Griffin
  • Golden Unicorn
  • Golden Dragon
  • Golden Ladybug

The worth of these four is quite close to that of the Frost Dragon.They’re also difficult to get by. Unlike the latter species, however, all four of these pets are available at any time of year. The explanation for this is that the first three hatched from Golden Eggs, whereas the Golden Ladybug came from somewhere else.

Players will receive 660 Stars if they check in every day for 180 days. They’ll also get the Golden Egg at the same moment. After another Star Reward cycle, if you get the Golden Egg for the first time, you’ll earn a Diamond Egg.

After a year, the cycle repeats, allowing you to get another Golden Egg. The first three Golden pets we mentioned all hatch from this egg, with each of them having a 33.3 percent chance of hatching.

You can agree to the deal and go away happy if your dealer is ready to offer a Frost Dragon for your Golden pet.The Golden Ladybug, on the other hand, may be earned by purchasing a Diamond Lavender. A 10% chance of taming a Golden Ladybug exists with this item. It costs 199 Robux instead of 1,000 for the Frost Dragon, but the odds of acquiring one are much smaller.

It will be simpler to trade for a Frost Dragon if you have even rarer pets, such as the Diamond Ladybug. Because of the time, effort, and money involved in developing neon or Mega Neon versions, they are also valuable pets.A Mega Neon Golden Ladybug will almost certainly persuade the other player to accept the deal.

Trying to Find Trades

Subreddits on Reddit and the Roblox website are the greatest sites to seek for exchanges. Players may notice and make offers if you post that you desire a Frost Dragon. Following that, it’s time to bargain and reach an arrangement.

You may potentially meet someone in-game, but this would take longer than using an internet forum. As a result, we suggest visiting online groups where Adopt Me participants gather.

Other Pets You Might Be Able To Offer

The pets we described before are only a handful of the numerous possible Frost Dragon trade options.Even if many pets aren’t Legendaries, they’re nevertheless tough to obtain. If you have one or more of these, you might use them to trade for a Frost Dragon.

  • Capybara
  • Lamb
  • Unicorn
  • Daschund (Halloween)
  • White Skeleton Dog for Halloween
  • Bee Queen
  • Flamingo
  • Cobra
  • King Bee
  • Snow Owl
  • Black Panther
  • Dalmatian
  • Arctic Reindeer
  • Blue Dog

Some of these pets are also limited-event monsters, as you may have seen. The Frost Dragon, Snow Owl, and Arctic Reindeer are all from the same event. If you don’t want these pets, you might be able to acquire a Frost Dragon in exchange if you provide multiples.

The Capybara and Flamingo are from Gumball Machine Eggs that were formerly available. Due to the fact that these eggs are likewise no longer available,even their most common pets can fetch a high price. These two pets aren’t Legendaries, but they’re already close in value to the Frost Dragon.

As an Uncommon pet, the Capybara wouldn’t be worth this much if it wasn’t a drop from the Jungle Egg. This egg is the second one anyone could get from the Gumball Machine, and it hasn’t been in circulation since November 2019.If you don’t want to trade your pets away, there’s a toy worth slightly more than a Frost Dragon.

It’s called the Tombstone Ghostify, only obtainable from the 2018 Halloween event. It’s a Rare Toy that is also equal in value to the Blue Dog from the Blue Egg.There are many other creatures you can offer, though these are the ones closest in value.These, however, are the ones that are the most valuable.

Frost Dragons

A Frost Dragon is similar to a Shadow Dragon, however it has pale blue scales instead of the Shadow Dragon’s black and frightening aspect. It has pastel blue eyes, and light-blue particle effects are visible coming from its maw.

Despite this, the Frost Dragon is not a Shadow Dragon reskin. It doesn’t have a ribcage that can be seen. It does, however, have more spines on its back than the black creature.

This creature, like the Shadow Dragon, has some special abilities:

  • Sit (Newborn)
  • Lay Down (Junior)
  • Jump (Pre-Teen)
  • Joy (Teen)
  • Dive (Post-Teen)
  • Frost Breath (Full Grown)

A Frost Dragon learns a new trick at each stage.The first four tricks are generic behaviours that every pet can learn, but Dive and Frost Breath are unique. The Shadow Dragon can dive, but it only knows Shadow Breath instead of Frost Breath.

The Frost Dragon, like many other pets, has Neon and Mega Neon forms. However, you’ll have to pay a lot of Robux to get them. The method requires merging numerous Frost Dragons or Neon Frost Dragons, just like other Neons and Mega Neons.

Several aspects of the Neon Frost Dragon’s body flash neon blue, including the wings, spikes, horns, feet, and fangs.The Mega Neon Frost Dragon, on the other hand, may be more appealing to players.

It used to alternate between a brilliant blue and a bright white. The rainbow is now included in the hues, as it is in many other Mega Neons.These two dragons feature custom skills that few other pets have, making them a unique pet once you get your hands on one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the Frost Dragon reappearance be possible in the future?

It’s quite unlikely that this will happen. Adopt Me’s discontinued or limited pets rarely, if ever, return. As a result, trading for a Frost Dragon in 2021 and beyond is your best bet.

2. How Much is a Frost Dragon Worth In Adopt Me?

Because they were only accessible during the 2019 Christmas Event, Frost Dragons are towards the top of the scale. They also came with a price tag of 1,000 Robux, which not everyone was ready or able to pay. To trade for a valuable pet from other players today, you’ll need a valuable pet or more.

3. Is it Still Possible to Get Frost Dragons?

No, unless you trade with someone who already has one. The Frost Dragon, on the other hand, will most certainly cost you an arm and a leg. After all, the supply has been turned off for good and will never be restored.

4. Is it true that Shadow Dragons are more rare than Frost Dragons?

Because Shadow Dragons are older than Frost Dragons, the answer is yes.With the introduction of Mega Neons, Shadow Dragons became more valuable. Furthermore, despite their rarity, Frost Dragons were acquired by more gamers than Shadow Dragons.You may trade for a Frost Dragon with a Shadow Dragon, but only if the price is acceptable to you.


When a Frost Dragon reaches the sixth stage, it gains the ability to breathe frost. We rejoice with you if you’re able to swap for one at a reduced price. If you don’t have a Frost Dragon, you may have to swap your rare pets with someone who does.

In Adopt Me, do you have a Frost Dragon? Which animal in the game is your favourite? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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